UKPG Console

The UKPG Console is a personalised interface populated with UKPG’s curated and produced content. This dynamic portal has all of the information that your team needs to make informed and efficient decisions, without any of the undue noise around it. It has been designed as a powerful and intuitive tool that effectively melds cutting-edge technology with human analysis meant to provide instant access to the most relevant information.

The Console is populated with the latest key news, compendiums of news coverage, press releases, influencers’ social media postings, public statements, relevant video, and other critical business intelligence; this will provide a clearer picture on what is happening with your company, industry, and relevant economic sectors across the country and around the world.


A powerful search function, designed to allow you to quickly sort through large volumes of content to find exactly what you need. For example, if you want to quickly see how a wider audience is talking about your company or the issues of importance to you, the search function will make that simple.

Tags that are tailored to your company’s areas of interests, which allow for quick sorting and tracking of issue-specific data.

The ability to pre-load your Console with the issues and news data types relevant to you, which will continue to be populated in real time.

Continuing to provide traditional email alerts for instant notification, while acting as an independent place for viewing and sorting data without the clutter or limitations of email platforms.


Due to the customisable nature of both The Console and UKPGs’ media monitoring services, prices are determined on a client-by-client basis depending on the needs and details of each contract.

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