Politico Breaks Launch Of UK Policy Group

Politico Breaks Launch Of UK Policy Group

March 5, 2018

LONDON — A lobbying firm founded by Mitt Romney’s 2012 presidential campaign manager is opening a London sister company, headed up by a former top Conservative party official.

Washington-based Definers Public Affairs will expand its operation to the U.K. later this year, and has appointed Andrew Goodfellow, a former director of research for the Conservative party, as its vice president.

As the firm’s London branch, the U.K. Policy Group will assist private sector clients with “campaign-style research, media monitoring, opinion research, and communications strategy advice,” according to a press statement shared with POLITICO.

Definers was founded by Romney ally Matt Rhoades and former Republican National Committee research director Joe Pounder. Its London venture has been launched in partnership with Trygve Olson, of Viking Strategies, who counselled the European People’s Party in the 2009 EU elections and worked as a consultant to the Republican Party in the U.S.

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