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With sprawling negotiations, intense political and diplomatic back-and-forth, and consequences that could change industries and shape the future of a continent, there’s no issue that better demonstrates the need for a different kind of media intelligence than Brexit.

With the UK on course to leave the European Union in March 2019, the sheer volume of breaking news, analysis, policy and commentary is set to overwhelm all but the most advanced media intelligence operations.

Staying one step ahead of these complex negotiations, with the regulatory, political, diplomatic and economic ramifications they entail, is perhaps the most complex task facing decision makers today.

This is where the power and dexterity of the UKPG system becomes apparent. In both London and Washington, analysts with a broad range of business, political, governmental and parliamentary experience, are watching print, online, broadcast, and social news media for the insights and analysis crucial to our clients’ decision making. These analysts have their eyes on the issues at all hours of the day, but also stand ready to work with your teams on specialized requests as they arise.

This transatlantic approach spans time zones, political and legal jurisdictions, and media markets, yielding a breadth of coverage and analytical depth unavailable anywhere else.

From high level negotiations in Brussels or the latest in British politics, our team will be watching, digesting and delivering the relevant news to our clients. Whether a comprehensive free trade agreement between the UK and the EU is struck, or the Britain leaves without any deal at all, UKPG will be ready to arm our clients with the news and intelligence they need to adapt, survive and thrive.

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